A resident of Paruppukadanthan village in the Manthai West division of Mannar district, has received vital livelihood assistance from the Manitha Neyam Trust. Unfortunately, she suffered an accident that resulted in damage to her spinal cord, affecting her mobility. This has plunged her family into dire poverty due to the challenging circumstances of her health.

Recognizing their plight, the Manitha Neyam Trust has stepped in to provide support. To alleviate their financial burden, the Trust has established a chicken coop for the family, complete with necessary equipment and supplies. They will be able to sell the eggs to support themselves financially. Additionally, we have taken the initiative to repair their water pump to facilitate their daily activities.

We are optimistic that our assistance will empower them to meet their essential needs and improve their overall quality of life. Thank you to our donors for supporting micro-programs like this.