The prevalence of matriarchal or single-mother families has been on the rise in the Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka. Many of these women face challenges in supporting their families due to financial constraints and lack of suitable employment.

To address this issue, the Trust has undertaken projects aimed at enhancing the life skills of these women and providing opportunities for employment. In collaboration with Social, Economical, and Environmental Developers(SEED) in Vavuniya, we work to empower women and create opportunities for them.

The Growing Livelihood Opportunities for Women (GLOW) project has assisted 20 women thus far in developing business plans for small enterprises. Through this initiative, they have been able to connect with local business leaders and gain mentorship. While the initial outcomes ofthe GLOW project have been promising, it is imperative to continue our efforts to ensure the sustained success of these small enterprises.

We plan to continue our collaboration with SEED to enable single women to achieve self-sufficiency and lead independent lives.

We thank you for your continued support to enable Manitha Neyam and SEED to elevate these communities towards self-sufficiency.