About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.


Our Vision

Ignite universal passion and love for humanity that will steer future generations towards a world of peace, opportunity and happiness.

Our Mision

Recreate a future of love, opportunity and happiness for all those who have suffered and continue to suffer as a consequence of man made and natural disasters. We plan to achieve this by:

Raising awareness of the suffering that is largely ignored, forgotten or unknown;

Focusing on educational, vocational and health-care programs aimed at promoting re-orientation or re-positioning and sustainment; and To improve individual lives, and allow them to better their community through positive contribution.


To render charitable and social service to the needy. To render educational services and related assistance to needy students to fulfill their potential.

To provide focused and targeted educational,vocational and health-care programs based on situation specific analysis and available funding.

To help re-orient and re-position needy and disabled persons to lead normal lives as far as possible

Our Manifesto

The three pillars that make up our manifesto are informed by three social realities; the ongoing needs of Sri Lankans, the philanthropic environment and looming economic uncertainty. Drawing from each of those realities, we have identified our core DNA, the three things that form the basis of every decision we make and every action we take.


Manitha Neyam Trust is not interested in getting mired in political debate; our actions and decisions are motivated purely and entirely by the needs of those in need.


At the heart of all our efforts is a deep respect, gratitude and admiration for our donors, in everything we do we will exercise active transparency and exhibit unequivocal honesty throughout. We will maximize the impact of every iota of effort from our volunteers and every dollar from our donors, at every single juncture the Manitha Neyam Trust will assess and reassess our process and progress to ensure that the trust is achieving the greatest impact.