Mahadeva Swamigal Children’s Home is a haven for 150+ children, aged 5-18 years old. Most of the children are either parent-less, or accepted through court order as foster kids. We do our best to provide a lovely atmosphere, and an endless supply of all necessities for our children. Ample space, a fantastic playground, a garden and recreational facilities are here for the children’s enjoyment.

All of the children at the home are studying at government schools, so they are all supported in regards to books, school supplies, accommodation, and even tutoring if necessary.

Manitha Neyam Trust assists the home by providing financial aid, as well as a sustainable income solution to management. This would not be possible without our donors! We are perpetually grateful to the donors for enabling us to help our children.

We hope to share more about our wonderful children at the Mahadeva Swamigal Children’s Home soon!