The Institute of Medical Science is a Trust with the aim of empowering young adults to pursue careers in the healthcare field. They provide a professional healthcare education, at the Green Memorial Hospital in Manipay.

We spoke to Dr. Surendrakumar, Chairman of the Institute of Medical Science Trust in Manipay, who wished to provide this message the MNT and all donors:

“IMS Trust was established in 2012, through Mr. Sriharan (International Advisor) and Mr. Mithran. Manitha Neyam Trust has supported the IMS Trust since its inception. The aim of IMS Trust is to empower the youth in Sri Lanka by providing professional qualifications in healthcare, and enable them to look after themselves and their communities.

The majority of these young adults came from a poor socio-economic background, so MNT sponsored 30 students, provided lodging, food and tuition expenses. This was an immense help to the educated youth, who all graduated and are now working as health care assistants.

MNT continues to support IMS to date, and currently, IMS provides nurse training courses and health care assistant courses to aspiring healthcare professionals. Most of our graduates are providing their services to elderly people and rehabilitation centers, and make a good income to contribute to their respective households. We are proud to say our IMS graduates are working in the healthcare field in various parts of Sri Lanka, and making differences in the lives of many.

Another project supported by MNT is the career guidance programs to the GCE Ordinary and Advanced level students. With the support of MNT, IMS was able to organize and conduct 5 workshops, through which we educated and provided guidance to children to plan their professional path in the healthcare field. We feel these kinds of programs are of utmost importance, to uplift and empower the community and the generations to come.

As the chairman of the IMS trust, I am very much happy and pleased with the support provided by MNT. We thank you donors and Trustees for the continued support to us and the positive changes you helped us make in the lives of young adults in the region”

Thank you for your ongoing support, in providing an education for young adults who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare sector. All facets of the healthcare realm are equally important to patient care, and it is truly our privilege to be able to contribute to uplifting future generations of healthcare professionals. Let’s continue to pay it forward!