Amputation creates psychological withdrawal from life, family and community. It makes the individual to think they have lost their whole life. Manitha Neyam joint hands with JJCDR, which is one of the very few which provides prosthetics, to offer a fresh start to people in crutches. JJCDR identified 12 people with the need of artificial limbs of which 3 needed above knee prosthesis (at the rate of LKR 39,600) and 9 needed below knee prosthesis (at the rate of LKR 22,450).

Request was sent to MNT and within a short span of time, new meaning was added to those deserved by JJCDR who carried through the project. Project costs total funds amounting to Rs. 320,850/-. We extend our heartfelt thanks to both our Donors and JJCDR for making MNT part of such worthy program.