Sinthanai Foundation is a free education center, supported by Manitha Neyam Trust, in the town of Kotagala in the midst of a tea plantation. The center provides post-secondary education and training at no cost to students.

Once students have completed their secondary education, they can enroll in the various programs offered by the center. These programs include language training in English and/or Sinhala, Computer Education, Business Skills for the modern workforce, and more. After completing their selected programs, they may choose to continue their higher education, or to enter the workforce of Sri Lanka. 

Whichever path they may choose, Sinthanai Foundation equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to be competitive and successful in the modern world.

Recently, Sinthanai Foundation held an award ceremony for their graduates, which MNT representatives attended. We at Manitha Neyam Trust are proud to support their mission and are grateful to our donors for sharing our passion for making education equitable and accessible for everyone.