The number of women-led or single-mother families in the North and East of Sri Lanka has been trending up.  Many of these women face considerable challenges in raising their families, grappling with financial difficulties, and searching for suitable employment to provide for their children. In response, the Manitha Neyam Trust has initiated projects aimed at enhancing the skillsets of these women and providing avenues for employment.

 As a part of this program, MNT joined hands with LIFT organization to open a children daycare center in Batticaloa, providing childcare to the working mothers so they don’t have to worry about their children during work. This childcare center is equipped with all required facilities and working mothers can now take a breather thanks to ‘Amma Veedu’ (Mother’s Home).

 The opening ceremony was held recently, and some images captured during the event are shared here. We thank all our donors for their generosity to support projects like these!