Meet V Brundha, a bright-eyed and intelligent 19 year old at Ratmalanai Hindu College who is currently doing her A levels.

Her Story– Originally from Kalutara, a large town south of Colombo, she has been at Ratmalanai for the past 8 years. Brundha only has a mother and 4 sisters. Her older sister already graduated and another sister is at Ratmalanai with her.

Her Life Goals-Brundha has always been a focused individual say others at Ratmalanai; in fact, she came in the top of her class. In the future, she aspires to do electrical engineering and she hopes to find a job in a company. Other than her career, she hopes to bring awareness to the Tamil Hindu tradition, inspired by seeing loss of faith by Tamil Hindus.

Brundha has a bright future ahead of her thanks to generous individuals across the globe, like you, who have constantly supported her and others like her.

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