The abandoned Delmar Primary School has been converted into a valuable public library by a local youth organization called “Valluvar Educational Development Forum”. This organization consists of university undergraduate students, school students, and youths of Delmar Estate.

The highlight of this project is that the local youths and skill workers (masons and carpenters) turned this building into a glittering library by working day and night, volunteering their time and effort. They demonstrated a sense of ownership and the ability to complete such a difficult project with passion.

The beautiful artwork inside the library and the Valluvar and animal statues in the garden were created by local artists to bring a beautiful, serene environment for the library. Manitha Neyam Trust, with the donations from Anpuneri Families, California, has provided financial support of about LKR 2.5 million to cover the material costs, and sent two boxes of colorful children books collected here in California.

The entire Delmar Estate community participated in the opening ceremony with great joy, dancing, and singing during the procession.

This library will be used by the kids and youths of Delmar Estate and other neighboring communities. A full-time librarian has been appointed and the monthly allowances are supported by Anpuneri donors. In addition to kids, the elders of the estate are also encouraged to utilize this library for reading activities.

Students who have dedicated library time in their schedule are allowed to come to the library during school hours. During after-school hours, both students, youths, and parents in the estate are allowed to utilize the library. This library provides a necessary space and environment for students to continue their studies after school, and valuable books and reading material for youths and elders to use.