MNT is determined to do its best to minimise the impact of poverty and hardship in taking away the aspirations of students to obtain higher education; especially after struggled through numerous difficulties and challenges. Every year, over 100 students are supported by this project and since 2002 more than 1,000 students have benefitted from this initiative. Monthly Rs. 5, 000 per month is provided to students from Jaffna and Eastern University.

Among the Jaffna University students, 21 students are supported by MNT USA, 30 students are supported by MNT UK, 20 students by MNT Canada, 20 by MNT Sri Lanka and 30 by MNT Australia. Among Eastern university students 32 students are supported by MNT Australia and 9 by MNT Sri Lanka. We thank all the Donors who have contributed to help shape theirs student’s life.