The Mother & Baby Welfare Project was established with the purpose of providing essential support to expectant women, living below the poverty line during childbirth. A comprehensive package comprising of essential items for both the mother and the newborn is distributed to these women, typically one month prior to their expected delivery date. The approximate cost of each package is Rs 10,000, and the expenses associated with these provisions are covered by the Manitha Neyam Trust’s funds. On a monthly basis, this program extends assistance to 10 pregnant women whose names are forwarded to us by the Medical Officer of Health, with a needs-based selection process.

This project serves as a significant aid to disadvantaged women, as it addresses a critical need they would otherwise be unable to meet due to financial constraints. 

We thank our donors for enabling this project amongst many others, and with your continued support, we’ll be able to support many more expectant mothers in the future!