Today, marks two months since the Easter bombing attacks took place in Sri Lanka. We would like to request you to take a moment of silence, to honor the victims and send your peace and love to their families.

We were overwhelmed with support in receiving donations from all over the world. We were able to donate 1.5 million Rupees directly to victims and families of loved ones they lost in Batticaloa, to help them with hospital, funeral and counseling expenses. Pictured, are a handful of the people we were able to help, thanks to you.

We were also grateful to be able to donate 1 million Rupees to Seth Sarana Caritas in Colombo, to aid in rebuilding the church and the people affected in Colombo.

There are still many more people that need help to process and heal from this horrific event. If you still wish to donate, please know we are always willing to help you and are always open to more donations; our work is not over until every cry for help is answered.

MNT thanks you for your support, and again, please take a moment of silence to honor the victims today. Thank you!