Veerasingam Mahavidyalayam is a school located in Meesalai, Jaffna. The primary section of Veerasingham Mahavidyalam consists of 465 students. Around 51 students in this school live below the poverty line, and the current economic crisis pushed them into deeper poverty, thus the families are unable to provide shoes for their kids to wear to school.

Manitha Neyam Trust came forward to donate and were able to give all 51 students a new pair of shoes on 9th of November 2022.  MNT was also able to give a bicycle to a single parent who is a mother of a student of Meesalai Veerasingham Mahavidyalayam.  She is the breadwinner of the family, making her living by working in multiple homes around Meesalai area.  The cycle will be helpful for her to visit multiple homes and increase her income thus supporting to her livelihood.

We thank our donors for enabling us to quickly step up and helping us to continue our programs.