The Vanni region, including Kilinochchi, has been affected by over 3 decades of civil war followed by years of economic deprivation.  It is also estimated that over 20,000 people in the North and East are disabled due to war, with Kilinochchi being one of the severely war-affected districts with the highest number of differently-abled residents for whom enough stable livelihood means are yet to be established.

The Manitha Neyam Trust has worked in the Kilinochchi and Vanni region for over two decades on several projects supporting the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the society and their families, including those with disabilities.  However, the Trust feels that a longer-term funding solution is needed in the Vanni region to enhance the education and employment opportunities of these members of society.  Therefore, AHAM Industries was established with the sole purpose of creating a sustainable income generating venture to provide the Trust with funds to meet the objectives of the charitable projects.  The AHAM Industries was established in a 5-acre land in Kilinochchi, initially to develop a poultry farm and subsequently to embark on other income generating ventures including agriculturally based enterprises. We expect AHAM Industries to be a ground-breaking venture with a novel and innovative funding model for the charitable projects of the Manitha Neyam Trust in the Vanni region and beyond.