SEED was formed in 1995, with the mission of assisting people of Vavuniya who were affected by the 3-decade internal conflict.

SEED is committed to the interests of marginalized groups in the area of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka. These include internally displaced persons (IDPs), families affected by the internal conflict and living below the poverty line, single mothers, and people with special needs. Great emphasis is placed on teamwork and gender competence. SEED is involved in community-based rehabilitation, development through education, sustainable farming, and resettlement.

They are involved in educational support for special needs children via online, in-person, and home-based programs. The establishment of the empowerment campus ensures that children with Autism, Down syndrome, and hearing and speech impairments are not left out and their educational needs are taken care of.

Manitha Neyam Trust is happy to partner with SEED to assist people in the region, and we extend our thanks to donors and well-wishers for enabling MNT to support such noble projects.

We are happy to share some of the images from the recent projects of SEED!