As noted previously, it is the Trust’s ambition to support the educational aspirations of enthusiastic youngsters with a desire to be educated to the extent possible. It is indeed their right. Such ambitions should not be thwarted through such petty reason as poverty. It is more important than ever to ensure that future generations, particularly in the North and North East of Sri Lanka, are adequately educated and are provided with professional and vocational training in order to accelerate and reverse back the 30 or so year educational and developmental gap suffered by the youngsters in the region. With such a goal as an objective, the Trust has selected over 76 and 77university and Higher Education students during the years ended 31March 2015 and 31 March 2014 respectively, both from the University of Jaffna and the Eastern University to provide each student with Rs. 5,000per month so as to facilitate their continued university educational needs. For instance, most of these students require a laptop for their education and assignment needs but do not have the means to buy even the most basic of laptops. Without this most basic of tools, they will undoubtedly face difficulties in studying effectively.