Manitha Neyam Trust donated three computers to Winrose International Campus in Haputale. Winrose International campus is a modest but very committed vocational training institute in Haldummulla region, Badulla district of Sri Lanka. The primary objective of the organization is to provide access to expensive professional and vocational training courses to underprivileged tea plantation youth in the hill-country of Sri Lanka, to assist and guide them in their pursuit of higher education.

The campus emphasizes enhancing students’ English Language communication skills, as well as basic work competencies of unemployed youth. Further, they have assisted a number of students to enter Sri Lankan universities. They provide coaching and training to students looking to pursue higher education along with students who are looking for industrial job placements.

The campus started in 2007 and since its inception has benefitted over 1000 students through their initiative. They mainly provide English, ICT, Hospitality, and Financial Management-related courses. 25 students were sent for industrial job training this year and there are currently 30+ students enrolled for the courses. All the students are from families of estate workers. Winrose Campus expects to enable and provide a better life for the younger generation!