Mr. V. Kailasapillai
Retired Deputy Chairman John Keells Group of Companies, Past Chairman Colombo Stock Exchange, Past Vice President Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. Telephone: +94 11 2575566 Fax: + 94 11 257 5472 Email:
Mr. Kandiah Neelakandan
Attorney-at-Law, Partner of the Law Firm Murugesu & Neelakandan Telephone: + 94 11 237 1100 / + 94 11 258 0807 Fax: + 94 11 237 1111 Email:
Other Trustees
Mr. S. Dhanabala
Director, Globetrotter (Pvt) Ltd
Mr. D. Eassuwaren
Managing Director, Easuwaran Group of Companies and Hon. Consul for Mauritius
Mrs. A. Kailasapillai
Social Worker
Miss Mala Sabaratnam
Deputy Chairperson, Ceylinco Consultancy & Allied Services (Pvt) Ltd
Mr. M. Thavayogarajah
Proprietor, V. Manickam & Bro
Mr. Nihal Perera
Director, ACS Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
Mr. V. Kandasamy
Retired Deputy Auditor General
Miss. Anushya Coomaraswamy
Retired Group Finance Director John Keells Group of Companies
Mr. Rajah Senathirajah
Senior Partner Julius Creasy
Mr. A. A. M. Illiyas
Mr. Saravanan Neelakandan
Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn), Attorney-at-Law, Partner of the Law Firm of Murugesu & Neelakandan
Mr. Thamotharampillai Sanakan (ACMA CGMA)
Chief Operating Officer, LOLC Securities Ltd.
Mr. T. Sangaralingem

Other Trustees
Mr. V. Gopal Sangarapillai
Mr. R. Hariharan
Mr. S. Sathananthan
Mr. S. Balasingam
Mr. K. S. Sreecumaar
Mr. N Shanmugathas
Mr. G Jothinath
Mr. Dushy Selvaratnam
Mr. Ratnam Uthayananthan Bsc (Hons)
Mr. T.R.S. Mithiran
Mr. V. Kailasapillai (Chartered Accountant)
Prof. N.Sreeharan
Mr. Ponnudurai Gunarajasingham

Mr. Suresh Sivasithamparam

Mr. Kailas Aravinthan

Mr. Anandan Navanandan
Mr. Thiru Satchi
Dr. Kugan Kandasamy
Mr. Raj Bharathan
Mr. Mano Shan
Mr. Viswanathar Kailasapillai
Mr. V. Kailasapillai

Other Trustees
Mr. M. Thayanithy
Dr. Kumbesan Sandrasegaran
Dr. J. Jeyamohan
Mrs. Sarmini Storer
Mr. Umapalan Kanagasabai
Mr. S. Sivakumar
Mr. G. Upendran
Mr. T. Gangatharan
"MNT Canada was established in July 2008 in order to support the growing demand for such services and financial assistance."
Mr. Nagendran Balakrishnan

Ms. Kalyani Nathan

Mr. Sinnadurai Selvaretnem

Other Trustees
Christeen Seevaratnam(Dushy)
Dr C.P. Giri
Rudy Ruthran

President’s message
The Manitha Neyam Trust was established with the vision of igniting a universal passion and love for humanity that will steer future generations towards a world of peace, opportunity and happiness It is a universal fact that all are not equal in life. In the words of a great man, man is born free but everywhere he is in chain. Some are differently able, mentally challenged, below the poverty line, children without parents and families without bread winners. These unfortunate conditions were either caused or aggravated by the war in Sri Lanka. When you analyze the current disparities among the people, you will come to conclusion that the so-called disparities are not due to any fault of the individual concerned. We at Manitha Neyam Trust truly feel that it is the duty of all of us to extend our hands to uplift and transform the lives of those who are less fortunate. It is also important for us to take more leadership roles in helping our people in Sri Lanka, given the fact that Canada has the largest population of Tamils outside of Sri Lanka. Since its inception, the organization has completed a number of projects such as operating a preschool, supporting the Centre for Disability Rehabilitation, the Nuffield School for the Deaf and Blind, conducting eye camps to help those in need, managing homes for the mentally challenged, helping children without parents, assisting elders home and livelihood projects, and many more ore in the pipeline. Looking back on these, I am very proud of our organization and its achievements over the years lam truly fortunate to be part of this great organization. It is only with our generous donors and supporters like you that we are able to fulfill our vision. We sincerely thank all our donors and supporters for their contributions to date and we are more than confident you will continue your generosity and support our efforts in transforming the lives of our people in Sri Lanka.
Nagendran Balakrishnan